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Dalma Park

The place where legend becomes reality

Dalma Park


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Dalma Park

The Dalma Park intimate estate presented by us consists of 8 houses located next to the forest and with a view of the Velebit Mountains, located only 30 min from the airport in Zadar.. The whole has been designed in a modern, minimalist style, while referring to local Mediterranean traditions. Thanks to this form, Dalma Park houses do not overwhelm the recipient and allow you to fully appreciate the surrounding nature.

Dalma Park houses focuses primarily on ensuring the comfort and convenience of its users. Each of the buildings is modernly furnished and provides all the necessary amenities. Thus, Dalma Park houses are ready to move in immediately. The all inclusive version gives you access to full equipment, which includes everything from cutlery and bed linen to garden furniture. All Dalma Park houses have their own terrace with a minimum area of ​​20m2, which, combined with a private swimming pool available only to residents of the estate, will allow for wonderful moments of relaxation under the Croatian sun. Dalma Park houses also guarantee a new quality of living thanks to having their own Smart House systems. This means that before your arrival, the smart home will, for example, set the right temperature or heat the water for a shower. All this, combined with the excellent insulation of the buildings, apart from the obvious environmental benefits, also makes Dalma Park houses extremely economical in operation. In addition, in the spirit of innovation and modern technology, each of the interested tenants will be able to equip their dedicated parking space with a charger for electric cars. When designing Dalma Park houses, of course, the most important element, i.e. the safety of its users, was not forgotten. The estate is located away from the hustle and bustle of the beach, and only its residents have access to it. All Dalma Park houses were also designed based on the best construction solutions ensuring the house’s resistance to earthquakes.


Own, private terraces and large windows allow you to commune with the paradise Croatian sun at any time

Modern and eco

Buildings equipped with Smart House systems and optional chargers for electric cars

Return on investment

Possibility to look after the property during the holiday season while the owner is away and generate a return on investment


Houses in a real paradise on earth

Each of us has probably heard the famous legend, according to which the Croats received their country directly from God, who initially wanted to keep this land only for himself. The location we chose for Dalma Park houses makes it possible to truly feel the paradise atmosphere here, full of idyll. The location of the estate fully allows you to take advantage of all the charms that Dalmatia has to offer. By choosing one of the Dalma Park houses, you will have access to the beauty of the surrounding nature on a daily basis. In this unique place, you can enjoy a moment of relaxation, sunbathing on the beach of the warm, azure Adriatic Sea, and then go hiking or cycling in the mountains.

Sandy beaches
Nearby islands
Dive spots
Cycling routes
Zadar airport (30min)
National Park Krka (1h)
National Park Plitwicki (1,5h)
National Park Paklenica (1,5h)
Split (2h)
Ferry to Italy – Ancona (7h)


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